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My adventure with demoscene begins in 1993 when I saw for the first time a demo called "Second Reality"... I really admired it. But I didn't interest what was this demo, what it had been written for. In holidays of 1996 I heard about a party organized by a group called Flying cows in Poznan (if I remember well) for computer freaks that make such demos. Since then I've tried to learn as much as possible about creating demos, programming tricks and so on. In 1999 I made my first demo. It was coded in Watcom C++ compilar and Borland's Turbo Assembler. 70% of the code was made with x86 assembler. Graphics was made by Yasi, Malfunction and Rappid and music by Raiden. It was ranked 1st at Astrosyn99 party - Robomatiks/Suspend. Later with Malfunction, Dzozef, Fuzzy, Moa, Axis I had a chance to win Xenium99 party with The Future Aint What It Used To Be/Altair demo. The same year Gravity99 was another great adventure. However not a first place but me with other Altair guys were a some kind of special attraction making a demo within 24 hours that finally was ranked 4th - Traumatik/Altair. One year, three demos, all in C++/assembler under Dos... and I dont have any screenshots of them. It's quite hard to run scene dos-demo under windows :) maybe some little port to windows?? maybe...
Later on I moved to Windows platform and started using 3D acceleration accessible thru Direct3D library.
IT RULESTime Machine was ranked 1st at Horizon2k party. Made mostly by me, includin modelling and texturing (that's why it sucks, really;)). Some help from Malfunction/Altair, Neuroup/Addict, Kazik/Anadune and Archon <- that guy rules, he made a marvelous music I can't make this demo without this music.
IT RULES The same year I made Mind Machine within 3 days and 3 nights before Satellite2k party which was another 1st place. This demo was made mostly because I didnt want to go to a party without a demo :) Once again I shown myself as a 3d modeller and animator too ;).
IT RULESIn 2001 I was busy with many things and had a chance to make only one demo Miracle/Addict. With help from Shexbeer, Mantra and Neuro, Puddy and Ayla along with my few latest effects and my extreme 3d modelling skills ;) we had a chance to get 2nd place at Symphony2k+1 party.
IT RULESIn 2002 I shown only one demo, which up to now is my last demo, Epilog/Haujobb ranked 1st at Evoke2002 party. Graphics was made by Inferno and Rufus. Music and text by Melwyn (feat. Aurora), mixed by Virgill.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. After three years of trying to find some skilled 3d graphicians to make a next demo I deciced the demoscene is no longer a place for creative people. At the beginning it was but right now it is not. It has changed and probably I haven't adnoticed that. Seems that making a "cat" object is to difficult for scene people. So I've decided that it's the end of my demoscene adventure (and the end of my three years scene agony). Greetings for all creative people all over the world that I had a chance to meet during many parties and respects to those I had a chance to compete with at many demo-compos. Good luck.

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