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  • 27.06.2005 - Today I became a user of new Fiat Panda Dynamic with 1.3 MultiJet engine. It's simply an awesome car, small, easy to be parked and with its diesel engine needs 4.6 litres for 100 kilometers. I'm in love with my car as Freddy Mercury used to sing...

  • 19.06.2005 - I've just updated my demoscene page

  • 02.06.2005 - another three days trip. 31.05 at Politechnic in Czestochowa, 01.06 at University of Zielona Gora (very nice audience hall you got there guys :)) and the best seminar up to now which took place 02.06 in Poznan at the Politechnic.

  • 25.05.2005 - today I've returned from a very long trip. I was at three polish universities with my MS seminar. 23.05 at Silesian University in Sosnowiec, 24.05 at Adam Mickiewicz University at Poznan and 25.05 at Politechnic in Gdansk. The best seminar was in Gdansk. Also I had a chance to meet my demoscene friends during this trip, regards: Delhirion and Epsylon in Sosnowiec, Shexbeer and Angelo in Gdansk :)

  • 16.05.2005 - Managed Direct X at Maria Sklodowska Curie University at Lublin was just fine. And Lublin is a very beautiful place.

  • 26.04.2005 - today I had my Managed Direct X seminar at Warsaw Polytechnic. It was quite good, this time I didn't forget to mention where I work and what I do :) Anyway having 2 hours allows me to show many examples using LaCube engine, many hlsl programs, talk about many effects and discuss a bit with the audience. The attendees were familiar with .NET and having experience with programming commercial stuff, so talking to them was a pleasure :)

  • 10.04.2005 - 1st April I had a seminar about Managed DirectX at Game Creators Conference which took place that day at Siedlce (a Polish city). Well, to be honest almost all attendees were rather wannabes game developers (except me there was one guy who ever made and released a game), moreover later I heard that most of the audience didn't know what is the managed code... well... Anyway the seminar was quite OK, except one thing. I didn't say that I work at Warsaw School of Informations Technology and I licence a game engine. So everybody looked at me as all what I was saying was a complete rubbish because I was a Microsoft guy and my only aim was to praise Bill. Ok, I said that OpenGL is not as good choice as DX is, but it's the truth :) Well, most of wannabes start from OpenGL, so maybe I should avoid talking about OpenGL next time ;) The another problem was that I got only 45 minutes for the seminar that requires 2 hours...

  • 22.03.2005 - the page is back online after few months of being "under construction". Honestly as always no time forced to me to leave the page as it was. Anway its look at the moment is not what I wanted it to be but look at the previous sentence to understand why ;)

  • 19.03.2005 - my seminar "Programming in DirectX" has been officialy presented thru for the public registration. The seminar is under auspicies of Microsoft and focuses mainly on Managed DirectX and C# programming. The seminar is going to take place at Polish Universities.

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